Need Help Creating Your Business?

Team up with a business formation attorney in Wylie, TX

Starting a new business is exciting. But you want to make sure you control the process properly and don't end up with legal issues down the road. Turn to Jon T. Oden, Attorney at Law to get professional help from an experienced business formation attorney.

Attorney Oden will walk you through the process and make sure every detail is in order. With his years of experience as a business law attorney, he can answer your questions you might have and organize your business properly. Schedule a consultation at his law office in Wylie, TX today.

Make sure you're prepared

You can help the formation process go as quickly and smoothly as possible by preparing in advance. Before you meet with our business formation attorney, make sure you know...

  • The defined purpose for creating the specific business organization you want
  • The number of owners your business will have and the assets each person will contribute
  • The amount of starting capital with which your business will be created
  • Contact information for the services you'll need, like insurance and accounting

Speak with our dedicated business law attorney today to get started.